Four Player Tangerine Fight Review

Four Player Tangerine Fight

Look out, it’s Lode Runner with snowballs. Four Player Tangerine Fight is a multiplayer only game that looks like it was based a little loosely on the Lode Runner style of game. You can play with any combination of 2-4 players. The screen has four levels any of which you can dig holes on either side to drop through to the next level. From there, the object of the game is to throw balls at or kick your opponent until you win.

The graphics in the game are not too much to look at. You have each level with a block thingie that you can fall on and burst. Then you have the characters which are skinny little things running around the screen digging the holes or throwing the balls. Not a whole lot to look at here.

The sound is alright. The developers have implemented the sound of falling when you drop through the holes and even put in a popping sound for the boxes when you break them. Personally, I thought the sound was the best part of the game.

Overall, I wasn’t too fond of the game itself. I found that it got pretty boring really quickly. Although you did have the option to randomize some of the features, this did not go very far to keep me interested. The game is a good price at 80 MS Points for those that are interested in giving it a try but this is not one that I will be able to recommend out.

Rating: out of 5

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