In Galax-e-mail, emails are delivered by utilizing wormholes in far away galaxies, where star fighters battle aliens to safely deliver emails to the relevant inbox.

You are one of those start fighters and must pickup an email at the incoming wormhole, before destroying all of the aliens and their bases and delivering the email to the outgoing wormhole. Also to hinder you are asteroids which you must dodge or shoot – in harder levels, these asteroids split apart, much like in the game Asteroids. Also in harder levels, there are black holes which move around randomly sucking up everything in its path.

Do not fear though, as you are not short of a power up or two in this intense retro shooter, including health, double-shot and bulls eye-shot. However, there are also power downs, which either speed your ship up or slow it down, or stop you shooting. There are also collectable single use weapons, such as nuke and Wallbuster (which as the name might suggest, allows you to destroy walls). You can also collect the invincible and warp abilities.

You are aided in your quest by your buddies, which appear whenever you collect a buddy ball. Your ship can also go under transformation to give you a faster ship with less firepower, or a slower ship with more fire power. Galax-e-mail also uses twin stick controls, LS for movement and RS for your shot direction, which is something that I like to see in shooter games, thereby giving you the opportunity to still shoot at your enemy whilst legging it in the other direction!

All in all Galax-e-mail is a great little retro shooter, which I certainly had fun reviewing.

Rating: out of 5

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