Gerbil Physics 2 Released

Our gerbil friends are back, and they are more foolhardy then ever. Help them learn the impact of ropes, slingshots, bombs, disintegrators and machine guns on their slight and furry forms. Venture into heaven, hell, and several places in between exploring 40 new levels, mini-games, and dastardly puzzles. Gerbil Physics 2 is the most fun you can have with gerbils whilst still being borderline legal.

• 40 all-new levels including “Two Gerbils One Cup”
• New Slingshot and unlockable Machine Gun!
• Fun Mini Games with Wrecking Balls and Elevators!
• Powerful Rodentia™ game engine ensures that gerbils respond to your carefully planted explosives and cunning wielded slingshots exactly as real gerbils might.
• Awesome Musical Score.
• Remarkably priced at only one US dollar or 80 Microsoft Points.

About Pencel Games
Pencel Games are a London and US-based team focused on making unique and compelling games. Founded in mid 2007, their previous Xbox releases include the hit Gerbil Physics demolition game and Horn Swaggle Islands (the world’s foremost pirate-themed tower defence Xbox indie game).


Rating: out of 5

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