Globe Clicker Review

globe clicker

Globe clicker is one for you geography buffs out there. It basiclly involves finding various locations in the world, such as cities and World Heritage sites.

The game comes with a great 3D representation of the globe either during the day or the night.

What basically happens is, you are told a location and you have to pin point it on the map. Simple! You are scored based on your speed and distance from the requested location. Sometimes, especially when try to pin point larger cities, having the nighttime photos, obviously help a lot, providing nice glowing spots to help you more accurately locate the area.

I managed to get to level 8 in the challenge, but there are also various other game modes, which allow you to choose from one of the following:
Bug Cities
World Heritage
North America
South America
Africa Oceania

I gotta be honest on this, I did really quite enjoy Globe Clicker and for that reason, give it a


Rating: out of 5

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