GravSheep is the next game that I am reviewing as a random choice,


GravSheep gave me a good laugh once I started it up – in a nut shell, this game is a sheep herding game based in space. I agree totally crazy idea, but quite good fun actually.

You play the part of a pastoral dog with what could be a goldfish bowl on his head :) and you have to herd all the sheep into the defined herding area. However, you have more than a few things to contend with such as gravity, which can change direction and limited rocket fuel as how else do you expect the dog to move about space?

As additional obstacles, you may also encounter locked doors, for which you require keys to get past. The graphics and audio in GravSheep are quite retro and give a very suitable feel to the game.

The whole game is really quite a simple, but effective idea – you head towards the sheep, the sheep run away and you use this method to effectively herd them to where you want, whilst avoiding any walls as hitting these will lower your health. The game reminds me very much of the de sample on the creators website. However, the creator in my opinion has come up with what I consider a good and entertaining idea which I found to be rather fun.

Rating: out of 5

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