Hard 2 Morrow Review

Hard 2 Morrow

Hard 2 Morrow is one game that the developers haven’t held back on the polish, a great deal of work has gone in to the presentation of this game. Graphically, I cannot fault it, well, I can sort of … on the menu screen, the camera moves slightly and I found myself feeling slightly nauseous. Anyway, enough of my motion sickness!!!

The audio in Hard 2 Morrow is equally as impressive, if you like metal that is…

The gist of the game is that you are a gladiator and have to protect your reactor as you go head to head against another gladiator and his reactor. Yeah, weird! What happens is the game starts and you have to try and destroy your opponent’s reactor by shooting the ball past him. To be perfectly honest, just think pong and you’ll get the idea.

Hard 2 Morrow is played using the left thumbstick to move your gladiator up and down and X, A & Y are used to shoot your ball either straight ahead or at an angle of 45 degrees. Your opponent will then return the ball and you can catch it and hang onto it if you want, but to effectively raise your powerbar, you need to time it perfectly, so that you shoot at the exact moment that the ball hits your gladiator and by filling your powerbar, you are able to increase your damage, but make sure you don’t hold onto the ball too long as that will make it deplete. Sounds pretty cool doesn’t it? Well, yes and no as once you have successfully hit the enemy tank, your power bar goes right back down again to nothing…

From time to time placed in the center of the field of play, a powerup appears which if you hit with your ball, you are able to gain that powerup, which include laser (aimed shot), shock (change direction) and teleport(go through walls), which are activated with a simple press of the B button.

One really nifty little thing was the finisher moves, which you could activate when your life is low and your power bar is at least half full. What you have to do in a finisher is go up against your opponent in a fastest finger first to hit the buttons in the correct sequence – I found that the finisher saved me many a time as on winning, you get a full reactor healthbar, but apparently on losing, you “die in shame” according to the help – I didn’t experience, so can’t say.

At first, when I started playing I found Hard 2 Morrow to not be very good and a bit boring, but the more I played, the more I got into it and ended up losing quite a chunk of time to it. If it weren’t for the great graphics, I would have rated Hard 2 Morrow a 3, but instead I’m rating it

Rating: out of 5

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