Herman Review


Having previously looked at the video for Herman prior to it’s release and noting what looked like a somewhat humorous story line, I was very much looking forward to the release of Herman, but I’m sad to say I was sorely disappointed when I first got to play it.

Herman is a scrolling platformer with oh so long levels, which sees you playing the part of Herman – a man in a soul-sucking job (no doubt much like my day job) going through a midlife crisis, whom has decided to quit his job and has to escape from work as his co-workers and employers haven’t taken to kindly to news of his impending resignation.

The game sees you fighting off your co-workers by keeping them at bay by throwing oranges at them on four different levels, with a series of ladders and filing cabinets (through which you cannot pass) dotted around the place. Also included in your hat of tricks is the ability to dig through the flour, which will enable you to drop down to the lower level, but beware, do not try to dig through the bottom level as this will be the last thing you do… I did however notice that if one of your enemies dropped through the lower level onto a filing cabinet, it would destroy the filing cabinet.

Based on your performance throughout the level and your ability to collect as many packages as possible, you are awarded Chester Tokens, which you must use to upgrade things, such as your luck fedora, shin guards, trainers, shield and steel toe caps at the Chester store which appears between levels.

Another thing that has probably resulted in Herman receiving low ratings and that which has affected mine is the fact that it uses non standard controls in the menus, such as RB to continue and B to buy in the Chester Store.

On a plus side, the music is pretty good. The enemies are varied with at least eight different enemy types.

The synopsis for the game claims that Herman has a brilliant story to it, which I’m sure it does, but unfortunately, the gameplay didn’t keep me interested long enough to find out.

Taking all this into consideration and the hefty 400MSP price tag, I rate this game a

Rating: out of 5

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