Hieronymus Bash Developer Interview

Q : For anyone who hasn’t played Hieronymus Bash yet, please describe the game.

It’s a 1-4 player game of super cute apocalyptic dodgeball — with a dash of Super Smash Bros. and a sticky spoonful of religious references.

Q : If you’ve already read my review on Hieronymus Bash, you’ll notice that I’m very curious about the name and where it came from. How did you come up with it?

Hieronymus Bosch was a fifteenth-century Netherlandish artist who painted crazy scenes of heaven and hell. (Google “Garden of Earthly Delights” for some eye-popping weirdness.) The game’s title is inspired by him, though the game itself was not.

Q : What inspired you to write Hieronymus Bash?

We set out with the intent to make a fun, simple multiplayer game – because, as we and our thin-walled neighbors have discovered, shouting and laughing at your friends makes everything more entertaining. Dodgeball was a good fit. After a series of “concept art” pieces (napkin doodles), we settled on angels and devils because, really, how much more ridiculous could a game of dodgeball get?

Q : Looking at your forum posts you use words like “us”, “we”, “our”, now I’m assuming this is because Kindling is in fact a team. If so, how’s your team made up?

We’re a group of six friends who get together after our respective work days to make games. You can check out the gory details on our site: http://kindling-games.com/about.php

Q : How long did Hieronymus Bash take to develop?

About four laid back months plus two very crunchy ones.

Q : Any plans to add Live play to Hieronymus Bash?

Not for Hieronymus Bash. Network sync for this fast-paced little game is akin to network sync in a first person shooter – difficult. We’d like to spend our time working on new fun experiences, but we’re keeping online play in mind for future games.

Q : Are you a big gamer(s)? If so what games do you normally play.

We’re all lifelong gamers, and between the six of us, we normally play damn near every type of game out there.

Q : Are you a professional developer(s), or just a hobbyist(s)?

Both! We all work at game companies, but Kindling games are pure hobby.

Q : Are you in this for the money, the glory, the love of development or something else?

Definitely not the money. We’ll be lucky to throw a large pizza party with our earnings. And glory alone wouldn’t be worth the amount of time we put into our projects… so it’s gotta be for the love of development.

Q : How did you get into games development?

Someone said “Hey, wanna make an XNA game after work?” and everybody said “I thought you’d never ask.” One thing lead to another, and six months later, Hieronymus Bash was born.

Q : What do you think of Microsoft’s idea of creating XBLCG?

It’s a great publishing system. And it’s Microsoft, so it’s pretty easy to use…

Q : What do you think of the XBLCG community itself?

It’s awesome to see so many hard-working, dedicated people getting together in their spare time to shower fun on the world.

Q : If you could change one thing about XBLCG, what would it be?

We’d like to see Microsoft promote Community Games more.

Q : Do you have any other games in the pipeline that you would like to talk about?

Two words: Fantasy restaurant simulator. Oops, that was three. I’ve said too much already.