Hieronymus Bash Pre-release Review

This version of Hieronymus Bash has been approved and is now ready for purchase from the Xbox Marketplace.
Note this is a Pre-release Review of the version currently in peer review.

Hieronymus Bash

Hieronymus Bash is a really interesting take on a dodge ball type game. It’s Heaven vs. Hell, seriously it is! You get to choose one of two sides, either the angels or the devils and take part in this platformer style dodge ball.

Hieronymus Bash is a game for up to four players and if you’re short a friend or two to play against, it offers the ability to add bots to play against, so don’t worry Billy no-mates you’ll still get a chance to enjoy this game, much as I did.

In this game the balls have been replaced by souls and the players must try to be the first to one of the balls and pick it up prior to attempting a throw at the opposing team. The throwing seemed to take me a while to get the hang of, but once the learning curve was passed, I was unstoppable! I must say that I lost a good chunk of my time to Hieronymus Bash, but unfortunately, I couldn’t play all day and had to get to work so I had to say goodbye to my new bot team mate and head off to work.

The levels have a Heaven, Hell and Garden of Eden look and feel to them and are built of both solid and non-solid platforms that allow the balls to travel through them rather than bounce off and hit you in the face! If your player get’s killed in the game, it’s still not game over for you as though your spirit leaves your body and you are no longer able to directly take part, you can still hinder the enemy in their quest to win by doing things such as blocking their shots.

The graphics are cute, even the little devils! The style is absolutely brilliant and just right – everything just seems to fit so well. If you’ve got a few points to spare in your account, I would recommend having a look at Hieronymus Bash as it might be something that you may enjoy.

The game’s name Hieronymus Bash is a really interesting name for a game and it got me wondering where it came from, so I did a bit of research and here’s what I found:

sch (pronounced /ˌhaɪəˈrɒnəməs bɒʃ/, Dutch [jeˈɾonimus bɔs], born Jeroen Anthonissen van Aken [jəˈrʊn ɑnˈtoniːzoːn vɑn ˈaːkən]; c.2 October 1453 – August 9, 1516) was an Early Netherlandish painter of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. The artist’s work is well-known for the use of fantastic imagery to illustrate moral and religious concepts and narratives.[1]

Hieronymus, the Greek and Latin form of the name Jerome, means “sacred name.”[2]

Personally my money is on the latter. However, I will try and get an interview with the developer and confirm or refute this.

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Rating: out of 5

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