Holiday Trivia Review

Holiday Trivia

Holiday Trivia is exact as the name suggests trivia about the holidays. The game makes use of your player avatars on a simple, but effective cartoony snowy mountains and fir tree style background and a gentle snowfall.

The game allows up to four players take part, with each of their avatars standing atop a different coloured present with a bow, which rise to different levels to reveal the places of each player.

The questions as expected are all Christmas and Thanks Giving related, many of which I might add, I got wrong, but they were certainly interesting.

Holiday Trivia additionally comes with very mellow Christmassy style music, which I found to be nice and relaxing and not too repetitive.

Things are kept simple in Holiday Trivia, with no menus and just a start screen and a player join screen. Nice and simple. One thing that did irritate me was the fact that if you accidentally hit the back button, the game just jumps straight back to the start screen.

Other than that, there isn’t really much else to say about Holiday Trivia, but I can tell you one thing… This is a game that will be coming out on Christmas day for the family to play in my house.

Rating: out of 5

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