Horn Swaggle Islands” brings Real-Time Strategy and Puzzle Gaming to Xbox Live Indie Games

The debut title “Horn Swaggle Islands” from the indie games development team Pencel Games offers Xbox gamers a refreshing new experience in the Real-Time Strategy and Puzzle gaming genres. Horn Swaggle Islands is a pirate-themed strategy game containing unique puzzle island maps that will push players’ tactical and puzzling skills as far as they care to take them.

London, UK July 30 2009 – Engaging real-time strategy and puzzle gameplay are combined in the debut title from indie development team Pencel Games. “Horn Swaggle Islands” is a slick and action-packed strategy game that is available now on the Xbox Live Indie Games service. The pirate-themed game sees the player in charge of a tropical archipelago and they must make careful use of each island’s buried treasure and unique terrain to outwit the enemy.

Featuring many hours of gameplay and strategic challenges, Horn Swaggle Islands promises value-for-money beyond other Xbox Live Indie games. The game innovates on its predecessors with modern gameplay mechanics, a polished presentation, and offers a twist such that the geography of each island level supplies a uniquely appealing puzzle element.

“This is a genre that has been sorely under-represented on the Xbox console” explained Michael Johns, developer and co-founder, adding “this is true across the full spectrum of fully-priced games, arcade games and even indie games. We have brought something really stimulating to the Indie Games service for strategy and puzzle fans.”

Horn Swaggle Islands is available now on the Xbox Live Indie Games service priced at 400 Microsoft Points. Screenshots and video are available at:
Contact – Michael Johns, michael.johns@pencelgames.com

About Pencel Games – Pencel Games are an indie development team based in London, England. Formed in 2006, this is their first Xbox title. More information can be found at http://www.pencelgames.com

Rating: out of 5

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