Ice 9 Review

Ice 9

Upon looking at the cover art for Ice 9, I thought “great, another hockey game” because it looked like a hockey puck. Then I moved over to the description and realized I couldn’t be more wrong.

The premise of this game is to catch the balls of Ice 9 before they fall off the edge of the disc. You have four levels of difficulty. Now, although I only played to about level 9 or 10 on each separate setting I didn’t really find too much difference between them other than the number of balls of ice you can miss and how fast the balls speed up. I was thinking that the difficulty settings would have more to do with how many balls of Ice 9 came at you at once.

Your control is only the left joystick. The instructions suggest that you will be able to control your ships easier if you push the joystick all the way towards the outside and move it from there. However, this is the only problem I had with the game and that is with the controls. Even with moving the way in which they suggest, I was unable to control the ship sufficiently enough to do more than just move around in circles. Others may have better luck than I did but that’s all I could do for the time being. Maybe I just need more practice.

The graphics are relatively simplistic, but you don’t really need to have a graphics intensive game in order to have fun. As for the sound, you have a choice of four songs to play or just set it to random and sit back and enjoy.

Other than that one problem with the controls though, the gameplay is surprisingly satisfying and is good for players of all ages. It is a good starter game for people who have not played many video games before as it is pretty much straight forward about what you need to do. Technically, you don’t even need to read the instructions at all.

This is a game that I would definitely recommend to others. It may be a little on the expensive side compared to some others out there but still worth it in the long run.

Rating: out of 5

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