In the Pit

In the Pit is the next game that I am reviewing as a random choice,

In the Pit

In the Pit is a game that I found really interesting. The whole concept is on audio – there are no graphics in the game (at least that I could see for the time I played), save for a message at the start that reads “this space intentionally left blank”.

You play a human devouring monster that lives at the bottom of a pitch dark pit, feasting on any unsuspecting victims that may fall or be thrown into the pit.

The controls are simple, LS to move your monster to steer it toward the victim and A to get down with some eating! Like I previously mentioned, this game is all about the audio – you have to move towards the direction of the breathing of your victim and when you get close enough, you will hear and feel their heartbeat – this is your time to strike.

The game has good character voices and uses the audio very well as you would expect from a audio only game – it is recommended at the start of the game that you use either surround sound or headphones to get the best results, though I didn’t use either and managed to get the job done, but it probably would have been easier.

If you fancy a totally different game, then this may be worth a look-in.

Rating: out of 5

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