Inevitable Outcome Review

Inevitable Outcome

Getting tired of those dual stick zombie shooters? If so, Inevitable Outcome could be the game for you – it’s everything that you could want from a dual stick zombie shooter, but instead of facing off against zombies, you have to pit your skills against giant slugs, yes slugs!

The game is broken up into levels or days as Inevitable Outcome likes to call the, with each day starting during daylight and progressing through the night tithe following day. The day is relatively easy to handle, but as you only start off with a simple light, which has limited range, the nights tend to get a bit tricky as you are retreating from slugs, whilst trying to kill them, you could walk straight into another group without knowing it!

You start off Inevitable Outcome with only a pistol, which whilst it has unlimited ammunitions, still has a low fire rate and small clip size, so you seem to sent a lot of time reloading and unless I’m mistaken, with most of the slugs it takes a full clip to drop them. Luckily enough you also get a supply of grenades, which come in very handy when the slugs get into a nice tight group, just lob one at them and you can breathe a bit easier.

You are able to collect different guns, ammo, grenades, health packs from time to time when you have taken out a slug. In the beginning there seems to be few things to pickup, but you can increase your chances of getting something through the upgrades at the end of the day, where you can increase your luck along with other attributes such as more powerful weapons, more health, a better torch and one that I’ve always liked, knockback.

With regards, to the graphics, whilst the characters are fairly good, their movement leaves something to be desired. I’m also not so sure about the slugs – to me they look more like a Diablo/slug hybrid.

I rate this a

Rating: out of 5

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