One of the new XBLCG releases is Iris, which was brought to my attention by it’s author Andrew Thayer (Altered Reality).


I found Iris to be a very appropriately named application as it is a media player with zers which features ten different visualizers which are customisable. The media player as expected allows you to access your music stored on your Xbox as well as on any PC’s connected using Media Connect.

I found the visualizations in Iris to be a breath of fresh air for playing music as I find that the visualisations that come with the Xbox music player to be just too busy and to me it is hard to notice much relation between the visualisations and the music!

Iris keeps the visualisations simple and not too busy and allow for customisations of the low, mid and high range colours as well as a few other settings. I found that my favourites were symmetry, which though fairly simple to be very mesmeric. My other favourite was Ghost.

The controls are relatively straight forward and easy to pick up. The menu systems are kept simple which in my opinion is always good.

However, I’m sad to say that I found one downside to Iris and that is the fact that it took quite some time to load up my media library. How long exactly, I’m not too sure, but I did manage to knock back a bottle of Bud whilst waiting. It might be worth mentioning that I had one hell of a thirst at the time :)

** I received the following from the developer of Iris:
The loading times on streaming a library from the PC is something that stems out of XNA framework itself, and there was not much that can be done about that unfortunately. However, loading one from the 360, in my tests at least, have been very fast.
So that would explain my loading times as I don’t keep any media on my Xbox.

Rating: out of 5

Download Link: