Junkyard Battle Review

Junkyard Battle

Junkyard Battle!!! Sounds a bit strange doesn’t it? Well it is all rather straight forward – you control a crane and have to build a tower with junk i.e. old fridge-freezers, steps, boulders, pipes, wood etc – many of the shapes remind me of Tetris, but that is where the similarities stop, as this game is so much more different.

So, as I was saying your objective is to build a tower made of all this junk, which though it sounds easy enough, it isn’t as you obviously have balance, sometime precariously pieces of odd shaped junk on top of each other and one wrong move and it mall come falling down!

You have two different modes, the practice (single player) and the battle mode (local multi player). In the training, you just have to build to the predefined height, shown by the green line to win the level, but the battle mode is where the real fun lies….. Each of the two players have a health meter, which goes down when the players tower is lower that their opponents tower.

There are various power ups available in the game, such as increasing your time, boosting the speed that you crane moves, explosives, which bow up one of your opponents objects and concrete, which allows you to solidify your tower and avoid having it come tumbling to the ground.

I found Junkyard Battle to be fairly addictive, but at the same time, extremely frustrating! I’d give it a .

Also, you’ve just got to check out the developers website www.playwithmotion.com – the flash banner is interactive – it’s just so cool.

Rating: out of 5

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