Kong360: Gorilla Warfare

Kong360: Gorilla Warfare

When I first heard the name Kong360, it brought back memories of playing Gorillas many years ago on an old XT – yes, I am that old!

Gorillas Screen Shot

Anyways, Kong360 wasn’t quite the same as Gorillas, but it is a great game. The game is a third person shooter and involves you taking on the role of a gun totting gorilla in which you must defeat all the other gorillas in one of two modes, deathmatch or team deathmatch.

The 3D graphics are really slick and cannot be faulted as are the SFX, but the music does start to get a repetitive quite quickly. However one problem I found was that the controls too a little bit of getting used to – I’m not quite sure why as they are the classic dual stick shooter style with LS to move, RS to aim and RT to attack, but I think that it may have been more to do with the weapons selection which was done using the bumpers, which I found a bit strange, but after a while I did get used to it and was kicking some serious butt – with the AI set on Easy of course.

Kong 360 comes with a great tutorial which takes you through movements and weapons handling as well as the various in world objects such as portals and jump pads. Most importantly though is the aiming feature as rather than directional only aiming you have to take distance into consideration.

Weapons range from swords(Katana) to automatic firearms to exploding bananas and rocket launchers, everything a good gorilla needs to fight his way to glory.

Kong360 also comes with multiplayer, which enables up to eight players to play over Live. Unfortunately, I was unable to find any games to join to give this a go.

Kong is also available in a PC version, which appears to have had over 60,000 downloads and is available here.

All in all, I would say that Kong360 is most definitely one of the top end Xbox Live Indie Games and is well worth a go, albeit just the trial. Odds are that you will not be disappointed.

I give it a . Unfortunately due to being unable to put the game through its paces in an online game I feel that I am unable to rate it higher.

Rating: out of 5

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