Ladybird Galaxy

Ladybird Galaxy is the next game that I am reviewing as a random choice,

Ladybird Galaxy

In Ladybird Galaxy you have to navigate your spaceship around and collect as many gems as you can to increase your score, you can also collect stars which will give you a speed boost and add to your multiplier. Your multiplier however runs out when your boost does. You are also able to collect stars when they are falling and if you do, you will become a superstar and this enables you to ram your enemies, or even shoot them.

Speaking of enemies, these are in fact evil ladybirds which roam about the galaxy. There is also laser beams to contend with which stretch across the whole galaxy from one end to the other and will destroy your ship if they hit it. Luckily if you exit the top of the screen you will re-emerge on the bottom (and vice versa) and exit on one of the side, you will re-emerge on the other side, very much like in Asteroids – this gives you a handy means of escaping those pesky laser beams. That is simply it.

Ladybird Galaxy also allows up to four players to play locally.

Rating: out of 5

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