LaserBreaker Review


LaserBreaker is a new take on the old brick-out style of game. You can break bricks in the game but only with lasers of the same colour. However, the object of the game is to shoot the white dot without breaking any bricks or breaking as few bricks as is possible. You have only a limited number of lasers and must be able to navigate the maze of bricks as quickly as possible with your shot to increase the number of points you receive. But be careful, because you can also shoot yourself with your own laser.

The graphics here a really good. Obviously the bricks and your turret. But the backgrounds and the laser tracking are really what makes this game interesting. The backgrounds have a space theme to them and the laser has a tracking line so you can hopefully move your turret in time before it gets shot.

The sound is good here as well. Nice music in the background that doesn’t detract from the gameplay at all. The sound of the lasers is nice and crisp. Both when shot and when bouncing of differently coloured bricks. And the explosions always add to any game in my opinion.

The controls are very easy. You move left and right with the left joystick and rotate your turret with the right joystick. You have four different coloured lasers to coincide with the differently coloured blocks. Each colour matches each of the buttons on your game pad. Pretty much just aim and fire to hit the white dot… if you can.

Overall, this was a very pleasant game to play. I really enjoyed it. It makes you think while you play, not just a shoot em up type game. You have to aim your shot so that it will bank off the walls and the differently coloured bricks in such a way that it will hit its target. This is, of course, harder than it sounds. I like this game and is well worth the 400 MS price tag. A good game for one player or two head-to-head. Go ahead, give it a try… If you dare.

Rating: out of 5

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