LED Display Review

LED Display

When I first started up LED Display, I thought that someone was “taking the p…”, but once I started playing around with it, I definitely knew that someone was “taking the p…”!

Basically, LED Display is an LED representation of the old Windows Marquee style screen saver, complete with customizable text. You additionally have the ability to display the time and various other settings, such as the text and background colours, the font, scroll speed, there are 12 different styles of LED to choose from, which just changes the shape of the pseudo LEDs. There is another added function, which allows you to change the colour of the text and LEDs within the text using various switches, such as:
//fn (font colour)
//cn (text colour)
//bn (background colour)
which I thought was a pretty cool function.

That’s about it as far as I saw. So, as far as LED Displays go, LED Display is top notch, but then why would you really want one for your Xbox?

Rating: out of 5

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