Lights Off

Lights Off is the next game that I am reviewing as a random choice,

Lights Off

The rules behind Lights Off are fairly straight forward; you are presented with a grid with squares that have a light which is either on or off. The objective is to get all the lights off. Sounds simple right? However, every time you either turn a light on or off, the lights below, above and to the left and right of that light also change to their opposite state. Oh and apparently, the game boasts 750 challenging puzzles.

The game has two modes, either standard or timed, which as the names suggest the only difference that I found between them is that one game is timed and the other isn’t. There is also varying difficulty levels which basically changes the size of the grid.

The visual representation is fairly simple and plain, with almost everything being black and white, which fits being a game about light. The music is manageable until it has started to loop for the third time, by then you’re tearing your hair out, so good thing you can turn the music volume right down.

I can see that this game might have its appeal to many people out there, but yet again for me it falls into the category of “I haven’t got the time or the patience”.

Rating: out of 5

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