Little Racers STREET


Milkstone Studios presents the next installment in the indie racing series, now with online for 12 players! Drive the 30+ high speed cars on a 3D,weather-changing city! Career mode provides hours of fun, challenging races. You need to tune your car and earn money to get the most wanted cars.Pursuit the top ranks and become the best in the world! Underground racing has never been so fun!

Our View:

I like this game..

There are a number of top down racers out there and the bulk of them fall down in a number of different ways.

Firstly, the camera angle can be too rigid which makes you think you are driving a hovercraft, well you know what I mean, the world revolves around you in an unnatural way.

The physics can be a bit dodgy too. When you merely touch a wall you get slowed down to a halt and this is very frustrating.

Little Racers Street doesn’t suffer from this. When you add in the fantastic graphics and the panning around camera view you’ve got a good combination.

Time stopped me from going too far in to the game, but in quick race mode I suffered from the “just one more go” syndrome.

The competitors are good, but not unbeatable. My first go I finished 11th (out of 12). My second go I was 7th. Ok I was 11th, but if it hadn’t been for that last turn…. This is how you get fixed on a game. Difficult, but not too difficult.

Thumbs up to the guys that stitched this game together. Good job.

We like’y very much.

Released: 27/01/2012
Rating: 4 out of 5
Developer: Milkstone Studios

Download Link: