Lodestar 1000 Review

lodestar 1000

Ah, the gentle pixels and sound of 8 bit gaming. How I missed thee. Well, not really. Not when we have so many 3D games out there to tantalize our taste buds. However, this is a wonderful change of pace. Does anyone out there remember the game Simon from when they were a kid? Or, if you are too young, perhaps your parents remember it. Lodestar 1000 brings back the joy of trying to figure out the colours that Simon got you used to.

The objective of the game is very simple, yet very complex. You need to match the colours of the buttons in the sequence that they are pressed on the screen. As the game progresses on, the right thumbstick, then D-Pad, then left thumbstick are all targeted until you are combining them all. This game can get quite confusing in a hurry if you aren’t paying attention. A very challenging game that can be played alone or up to 4 players. Of course, with multiple players you run the risk of one of your buddies making a mistake.

The graphics for the game are pretty simple compared to today’s standards, but they work. You are looking at an 8-bit version of a robot named Lodestar 1000. The robot is a very close approximation of the Xbox controller. You can see the buttons as they are pressed. The same goes for the thumbsticks and D-Pad. The background colours will change as you continue higher in levels.

The sound, again, brings us back to yesteryear. The developers used sounds sampled from a Commodore 64 SID chip to bring everyone back to the time of gaming for all us old dinosaurs out there. The voice was pretty well done. Lodestar 1000 was voiced by John J. Dick who voiced Sam in the PC game Serious Sam. Of course, the voice over was heavily modified to make him sound like an 80’s style robot.

Over all, even though Lodestar 1000 may look like another cheap knock-off game at first glance it has a lot of potential for hours of gameplay for the whole family. The older generation will love it for it’s sentimental value and the younger generation will love it while it helps to develop their memory and cognitive skills. At 80 MS Points for the game, this one is a steal and I highly recommend it to everyone.

Rating: out of 5

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