Marvelous Galaxy Review

Marvelous Galaxy

When I was first offered the chance to review this game I though “Great, I love turn based RPG’s”. I received the code and downloaded the game. That’s where everything went wrong. I’ll have to apologize to my readers if they may find this one a little short.

The basic premise of the game is that you are on a planet where you can create your robots to go out and try to defeat enemy aliens and robots in the galaxy. My problem is that although there is a basic description on what the buildings are, what the aliens are and how to move; there is nothing on how the actual gameplay goes.

The graphics for the game aren’t all that bad. And there was a lot of detail that went into basic descriptions of each of the buildings. To a point. But I’ll get to that later.

The sound was alright. You could hear the explosions and there was a little bit of music in the background but nothing that really stood out for me.

Now, as I said earlier, my real problem was in the lack of overall instructions on how this game was played. For instance, there was no mention that you could only create on robot on a planet at a time. You then had to move the robot off planet to create another. Personally, I like to build up my army before I use them. When you leave the planet, you run the risk of running into one of the enemies. Here is another problem with the game. Although it seems as though the enemy can have as many members as it wants, you can only fight with one robot at a time, at least that I was able to figure out. He is destroyed and you (hopefully) will have another to bring into the fray. Not really a great way to keep the players interest. There were many other things that I had problems with. Some of them include trying to find out the battle controls without any help but perhaps this was the developers first foray into the gaming world. Hopefully their next trip will be much better.

In my opinion, I would not recommend this game. Unfortunately, for a game with so much good potential, the lack of knowing what you need to actually do makes this one get boring really quick. Give it a try if you want to but only if you have a really good attention span and a lot of patience.

Rating: out of 5

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