Massage Me Review

massage me

Massage Me. I’m trying to think of something nice to say about Massage Me. I really am. But, unfortunately I’m having trouble. Ummm… errr… ummm. Sorry, nothing there. Massage Me is yet another in the list of applications that really aren’t necessary. I apologize to the developers but if I want to get massaged by something other than another human being, I’ll just put in one of my video games and get to a rumble point.

This application, like the others of its kind offers the chance to have the controller rumble feature act as a massager for you. The only difference with most of the other applications is that this one offers to let someone else control your controller’s rumble feature. I know, I know. I’m scratching my head just thinking about what I typed.

The graphics here are almost non-existent. A graph here, a chart there. Not much to write home about. There is no sound other than the sound of the controller as it rumbles and the sound of you going “I paid what for this???”

A quote from the description of the game: “Available 23 hot & nice massages to please you. It will change your pad into unlimited vibrating toy !” This leads me to believe that what we have here is possibly a developer who had an ulterior motive for the use of this one. Especially with some of the names they have given the pre-programmed massage options.

Ultimately, here is yet another application that I cannot recommend to you the purchasing public. Especially at 240 MS Points. There is only one other rumble massage application out there that charges 240 MS Points for itself and it offers a little more bang for your buck in my opinion. The rest only charge 80 MS Points. Save your money people, I really cannot recommend this one at all.

Rating: out of 5

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