Mind’s Eye Of Jupiter – 02 Review

Mind's Eye of Jupiter - 02

A worthy sequel to the first in this series of puzzle games. Mind’s Eye Of Jupiter 02 takes over from where the first left off. No longer are you in the Roman ruins, now you are in the dream realm searching for the Dream Master to speak with him. You start off in the room you left at in the last game and must search around for the correct route to find the Dream Master. Of course, there is a bit of a twist after you’ve finished with him. And then… To Be Continued.

The graphics in the game were great as usual. Beautiful backdrops and scenery throughout the game. You can tell some work went into it here.

There was an improvement in the sound from the first part this time. Although the music is still a light airy type for the game, this time the developer has added some extras for you. Walking down the hall, you get to hear your own footsteps. At least the sound was a little louder this time.

This game is a good successor to the first as I said earlier. However, it is very short and maybe I just knew what I was looking for this time around but the puzzles seemed too easy this time. Overall, this is a good game but still not worth the price tag. It’s still a little too short of gameplay in my opinion. If you played the first one, by all means get the second but a message for the developer. Lower the price of the game. Still sticking at 3 thumbs up from me.

Rating: out of 5

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