Missile Escape Review

Missile Escape

Imagine yourself in a fighter plane that has just run out of missiles and bullets and you have Missile Escape. This great new game by Maximinus has the potential to keep you busy for hours on end. The controls are obviously easy in this game – the left thumbstick to steer and nothing else. The object is surprisingly difficult – avoid the missiles.

The graphics are great here. With a choice of two oceans to fly over and six different planes to earn and fly you could almost believe you were there. Well, not in the plane, kind of above it… out of harms way but above it non-the-less.

Again the sound is excellent. Great music and even better explosions.

Truly a game that begs to be owned. Think you can beat it? Go ahead and try, I dare you. See how far you get before you get blown up. A challenging game for you and your friends. I have found it to be great fun and you will too. Go out and get it. At a cost of only 80 MS Points, this game is a real steal. I am rating this one at 4 thumbs up.


Rating: out of 5

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