Missing Reel Review

Missing Reel

Missing Reel is a top down dual stick shooter for up to four local players, which pits four heroes up against waves of attacking enemies. What makes this dual stick shooter stand out is that it has a B grade movie theme to it, which I think is really neat.

The premise of the game is straight forward enough as you would expect from a dual stick shooter – you need to survive. In Missing Reel you need to survive 15 separate waves of varying enemies, such as aliens, slugs and ghosts, to finally get to meet the end of level boss.

You are able to collect various power-ups, such as grenades, multi stream guns and of course, health packs and a couple of other things that I couldn’t figure out what the heck they did, no matter how much I played.

One thing you need to constantly keep your eyes open for on the first level is an alien space craft hovering above the battle field, which from time to time turns on its tractor beam and takes one of our unsuspecting hero’s away, which I thought was a nice touch.

During each level, you are awarded various medals for making certain achievements within the game, such as Medic, which seems to be given for healing your team mates or Blast Master, which appeared to be awarded for kicking butt with a well thrown grenade.

As you progress throughout the game, you get to unlock new characters with different abilities, such as speed, fire rate, health etc

Additionally the game has a shed load of stats to keep track on how your character is faring, as well as highscore tables, but these only appear to be local (unless I’m mistaken), which is a bit of a shock given the otherwise great quality of the game.

I rate it a

Rating: out of 5

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