Modern Pirate Hunter: Ep 1 Review

Modern Pirate Hunter: Ep 1

Imagine yourself out on the ocean in your speed boat with your lady by your side when … BAM!… you’re attacked by pirate who kidnap your girlfriend and leave you for dead. Luckily, you survive and head back out there in your souped up speedboat to take revenge. Lucky for you this hasn’t happened in real life but has in Modern Pirate Hunter Nash’s Revenge.

The graphics in this game are truly amazing. You would expect there to be some kind of lag with what the developer has been able to do with this game but there isn’t. From the explosions to the reflections of clouds on the water, you will be amazed at every turn.

The sound is great quality as well. Good catchy music for you to listen to as you play coupled with the sounds of speedboats and explosions will keep you riveted.

This is definitely a game that should be put on the list to win an Indie Award at the end of the year. The developer has put a lot of time and effort into the game itself and it shows. With the option for 2 player coop, this game is definitely worth the 240 MS Point price tag. I was very much impressed with the game when I first tried it and will continue to be for some time to come. This one gets 5 thumbs up from me. Definitely a must own for everyone.


Rating: out of 5

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