Monaco 360 – retro racing

Monaco 360 – retro racing is the next game that I am reviewing as a random choice,

Monaco 360 - retro racing

Now this game takes me back to my childhood and the many hours that I would spend wasting time in my favourite game arcade playing a racing game, who’s name I forget (hopefully someone can help me out here), but looks and feels almost exactly like Monaco 360 – retro racing. I could easily spend in excess of $10.00 in a couple of hours and costing 20c a game, it shows you how much I sucked at it – well, let me tell you, nothing has changed!

As the name suggests, this game is retro and as far as I’m concerned a great recreation of the typical 1980′s style arcade racing. The controls have been kept simple, RT for accelerate and LS for steering. The object is to make each checkpoint prior to the timer running out and at the same time dodge all the other cars that are in your way – simple. Well, it would be simple, but the controls are fairly sensitive a one slight collision will bring your car almost to a standstill. To further hinder you on your way is the fact that the road layout changes, sometimes splitting into two with only enough room for two cars side by side. At stages you also enter tunnels, which black out everything except for a small patch of light in front of you created by your headlights and a couple of small dots to represent the other cars.

So if you are feeling any nostalgia for the gaming days of the 1980′s, then why not have a look in at this one?

Rating: out of 5

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