Moonshine Review


At first glance you might think that Moonshine might be kind of a boring game. But, for those that like to consider the consequences of what they do, this game is a good one. The premise is simple. You buy and sell booze during the prohibition in the 1920’s. Booze is illegal and you have to try and corner the market and earn loads of money by buying and selling the liquor underground. Think you can do it?

The graphics aren’t bad. You have a couple of different screens during the course of each day. Newspapers to read and a kind of stock market of booze to choose what to buy and sell.

The sound here is very good. Classic ‘20’s music that you can change like radio stations.

As I said earlier, don’t overlook this game just because it doesn’t have you running around and shooting things. This one is a thinking man’s game and I challenge you all to see if you can earn any money playing the booze selling game during prohibition.

Overall, a pretty decent outing from QuimbyRBG. Definitely worth a look at by everyone. 4 thumbs up from me.

Rating: out of 5

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