MothBallz is the next game that I am reviewing as a random choice,


Now, this single player game is really interesting! It involves a poorly decorated room, a 44 gallon drum, a ball and one or more moths and light bulbs. Sounds strange doesn’t it?

As strange as this game sounds, let me tell you, I found it very addictive. The object is to basically take out all the moths that are messing about around the light bulbs, without breaking the light bulbs. Where the ball and 44 gallon drum come in is you use theball to take out the moths and the drum is your cannon.

There are various balls to choose from which are unlockable as you progress through each level and each have different properties, for example, size and bouncyness.

MothBallz kept me entertained for quite a while and after I had got over the learning curve it had very good difficulty progression. As strange as it may sound, playing it kind of reminded me of playing Lemmings yes I know, it’s a completely different game, but for some reason it just brought back strong memories!

So, to sum up, I really enjoyed this game and would say it is well worth the 200.

Just my 2.

Rating: out of 5

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