Murky Horizon Review

murky horizon

Imagine you’re in a world that has been taken over by the most foul beasts ever imagined. Now, sit back and relax because you aren’t there. You’re sitting in front of your tv screen playing Murky Horizons. In this game you are responsible for protecting your family’s home from, you guessed it, lizards. Those little four legged, long tailed buggers have decided to do more than just sit in everyone’s terrariums and get fed. Now they’re on the rampage and want you for dinner.

The graphics would be great if I could say I haven’t seen the same background in numerous games in the past. A top down shooter/tower defense game where you must stay within the boundaries of your tv screen and the map doesn’t move.

The object of the game is to protect your home from the lizards as they try to swarm all over you. You have the option to build towers to try and help defend your home as you blast away with your trusty shotgun. The option for 1-4 person multiplayer and 2-4 person co-op will add some fun to the game but the part that actually swung me around to liking it despite my hang up earlier was the fact that you also have to fight them during night time. Yes, the screen will get dark and you have to run around and keep flares lit in order to make use of the towers. The towers will not fire at a target unless it see it.

Overall, a pretty decent game and one that I would recommend. The lizards move significantly faster than zombies or spiders so you should be able to keep yourself entertained while playing. This one gets 3 thumbs up.


Rating: out of 5

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