Murphid Review


Murphid is a very addictive matching game similar to the Astopop game from the live arcade list. In Murphid, you must match 3 blocks of one colour in order to destroy that group. This is harder than you think. As you continue to play you get access to power ups and achievement medals within the game.

The graphics are very good here. There is the surrounding border of the game where your score is tallied up as well as showing what level you are on. And then the game board itself which shows the blocks that must be destroyed.

The sound is excellent. The music is good for the background and the sounds for the blocks blowing up is very good. The power ups come through nice and crisp as well when they are being used.

As I said earlier, this is a very simple yet addictive game. Good for all ages and hours of fun. Definitely a must have and well worth the 240 MS Points price tag. 4 Thumbs up from me here.


Rating: out of 5

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