Nasty Review


Nasty is a 2D platformer in which you take on the invading forces of Doctor Slug as one of the two heroes, Bob or Guy and are tasked with saving humanity.

Nasty is a well presented and challenging platformer with 100 levels which see our hero/heroes slaying the forces of evil in order to advance onto the next level on the spaceship of the evil Doctor Slug. Luckily the game automatically creates checkpoints every ten levels, so that at least you don’t have to go back to level one when you run out of lives, unless of course you haven’t yet reached level 10.

Nasty contains most of the usual controls that you would associate with a platformer, with the added advantage of being able to lock your characters position with LT and aim and shoot in seven different directions.

The enemies on the earlier levels (my skills prevented me from getting anywhere near the 100th level!) are varied and interesting with some resembling slugs, robots, frowning smiley’s, funny flying bugs, angry storm clouds and different coloured furballs, which somewhat remind me of a cross between Matt the Sea Urchin and the Dust Puppy, among others.

As far as my playing has revealed, Nasty gives you all you’d expect from a platformer and more, what with having 100 varied, rather than some that loop every ten or so. Oh yes, it might be worth mentioning that I’ve heard that level 90 is somewhat tough!

However it doesn’t stop there as Nasty allows you to play two player co-op and also has a battle mode which allows up to four players to compete against each other in various modes, including:
Last Man Standing – The last player alive wins
Score Attack – The first player to the target score wins
Death Match – The first player to reach the target number of kills

So far, I have been really enjoying nasty and have made it as far as level 30 without too much trouble and am looking forward to completing the game. You may think that 400 is a bit steep, but hey, I think it’s worth it!

Rating: out of 5

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