Neo Terra Review

Neo Terra

This is the second game from mechaghost, after their title Gum Drop Celestial Frontier.

Neo Terra is a strategy game, with the premise being fairly simple – conquer all the planets. Couldn’t be easier….. Well it could as Neo Terra can be a challenging game, especially as you add more players, of which it can support four local players and four AI players.

You start off with a single planet as does your opponents and you have to send your space ships to take over each of the neutral planets and your opponents planets and thus win the game. One might think that this is straight forward, but as with any strategy game, resources are limited and the more ships that you send to attack other planets, the more resources you use. The resources increase over time and can be sped up by capturing a relic planet.

There are also various options to the game, such as solar flares, which when activated pretty much destroy all ships on the screen – bad times! The other options include planet density, ship speed, game type of which there are two: domination and conquest, both fairly self explanatory.

The AI players have some interesting names, such as Bill Abama, Jane Way, Jean Luke and Jim Quirk.

Whilst using brute force to take over other planets is cool and all, you mustn’t neglect your defences, which will be all but gone if you let all that your planet has loose on the enemy at once!

The game comes with a simple tutorial, which is all you really need to start your celestial domination!

I have to say that though Neo Terra is a fairly simple and straightforward game with randomly generated levels, giving you a slightly different experience each time, it is great fun and for that reason, I give it a…

Rating: out of 5

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