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Newton Vs The Horde by is also a finalist in the Microsoft Old Spice Challenge running from April 8th through April 26th on Xbox Live. The game garnering the highest community rating will be awarded the $60,000 grand prize.

Newton Vs the horde offers a completely original game concept of using physics and traps to defeat attacking monsters.

“We we’re originally inspired by the old spice ad with the guy flying through the tree which converted us to the idea of the contest. Then re-inspired by the “I’m on a horse” ad.

The Game was only started on the 2nd of February and was built specifically for the competition in just over a month so it’s been a whirlwind development that was crunch from start to finish.

In all honesty we do acknowledge that the game can be tricky for some players to get to grips with but those thoroughly enjoy it.There will be an improved version after the competition but until then we offer a bit of help on our website.

We’re hoping that people will vote for our game because it’s a totally original idea and has a good few laughs throughout.”

About is a single person independent developer that teams up with other individuals to create unique games, with each collaboration bringing something new to the mix. You can vote for them or any of the other entries by going on your Xbox to download the correct Gamer picture or following this link

Rating: out of 5

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