Ninja Train Review

Ninja Train

Ninja Train is a retro platformer that sees you race from one end of the level to the other. On the way you have to collect coins for points and jumping from building to building, or you could just run along at street level, if the accumulation of points don’t really bother you.

In Ninja train, you cannot die and the screen auto scrolls from left to right, only allowing you a certain amount of time to collect as many of the coins on the screen as you can.

As for the train part… The game appears to be shown as if viewing from the window of a train and that’s it really. That is except for the third level, which has you flying and appears to be viewed from the window of a plane. The really irritating thing is that I found myself focusing on the window frame of the train all the time, rather than the Ninja, which fortunately does not have disastrous results.

The game contains various power ups, such as the ability to fly or to momentarily split yourself up into six sprites.

The retro look, along with the sounds are really great and Ninja Train is a good bit of fun while it lasts, but it doesn’t last too long and the game isn’t really that hard. All you’ve really got to aim for is a high score, which isn’t global, so that takes a bit of wind out of its sails. I like it, but I don’t! If you know what I mean.

Rating: out of 5

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