Office DisOrders Review

Office DisOrders

Previously called Office Politics.

Office DisOrders is about life in an office, which due to all the goings on I could swear was my place of work! The game takes place over five days and revolves around Jennifer, who starts out as a temp at Incomputech and works her way up the company having to overcome various challenges.

The controls of the system couldn’t be more simple, left thumbstick to move and select choices and A to interact. Simple really.

The game itself isn’t too long, only providing around 90 minutes of game play, but for 80MSP, who can complain especially when it is just so hilarious and no doubt will have you thinking or saying to yourself, “damn that’s the crap I have to put up with at work each day”.

Office DisOrders portrays all what you would expect from a modern office in a light hearted humorous way, which sees things from lay-off and rehiring as consultants to managers being, well just be their usual selves that most people seem to hate! The game also see’s projects getting shelved, which seems to be all too common (I blame poor management personally).

Within Office DisOrders you need to ensure that Jennifer doesn’t get too stressed by ensuring she gets enough to eat and drink as well as toilet visits and power naps. The game is very generous with the leeway it gives with regards to the stress level and you shouldn’t end up with it being too much of a bother, but be forewarned if Jennifer’s stress levels reach max, the game will end and any unsaved progress will be lost.

In summary Office DisOrders is a great laugh and certainly worth the small 80MSP price tag, though I can’t say it’s replayability is very high and for that reason, I rate it a

Rating: out of 5

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