OMG Cats Game@#$ Review

OMG Cats Game@#$

OMG this game is …. Unusual. The developer asked me to be nice because it’s his first try. I will do my best.

The basic gist of the game is to maneuver a little dot through the maze while trying to avoid touching the walls or the cute little cats that you see. You use the left joystick to move and the right trigger to move fast or the x button to move slow. The instructions also say that if you need to relax more to play the game, turn up the volume on your stereo/tv. Now, having been around as long as I have on the internet, warning bells started going off in my head on that comment.

The graphics aren’t really all that bad for a game that required only pictures of cats and a little pathway for the dot to move through. Honestly, I’ve seen worse. That’s about it for the graphics though.

The sound? I can’t really say. I didn’t turn up my stereo but the music was relatively relaxing.

Now, my dilemma. There is a “shocking twist” in the full version. Do I let everyone know what the shocking twist is? I think I should. After all, in my estimation there could be people who are very young or very old deciding to play this game. I can’t let this one go without a warning. THOSE WHO ARE FAINT OF HEART SHOULD NOT PLAY THIS GAME!!!! If you’ve done the online mazes or watched the videos online that require you to turn up the volume and sit close and didn’t like it… don’t get the game.

Now, as for the cost. I believe that this is a little overpriced at 240 MS Points. Probably would have been better served at 80. Get the game if you’re into this type of thing but avoid it if you don’t like being scared. My rating I leave mainly because of the price.

Rating: out of 5

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