Ophidian Wars: Opac’s Journey Review

Ophidian Wars: Opac's Journey

Ophidian Wars is a feast for the eyes as far as indie games go. In this game, you are Opac. Your mission is to make to the surface alive, if you have the patience that is. This game, although graphically beautiful, doesn’t really do much else for the need run, jump and shoot that most people who play on the game platforms require. Opac is able to jump and, after a while, can climb walls, float and even destroy some walls. But that is about it. You figure that with a name like Ophidian Wars there would at least be some enemies to battle. But no, it’s just you running and jumping around the caverns trying to make it to the surface.

The game is graphically very pleasing as I said earlier. The transition between rooms is seamless and the character (Opac) if you look close looks kind of like a cross between a moth and a person which is pretty cool.

The sound is alright. You have some nice booms when you destroy the walls that you can. The music is low and pretty much ignorable when you get into the game a little bit.

This game could offer someone hours of gameplay time with a couple of additions to it. One would be the addition of enemies to either avoid or fight and the other would be the most important addition any game could have: a save option! My first thought when I played this was that if you passed one of the hint markers that saved your position during the game itself if you died, it would save the position if you had to quit for any reason. No such luck. You get half way through the game or better and have to quit or the power goes out, you have to start right back at the beginning again. Very annoying in my book and this was the main factor in my rating of only 3 out of 5 thumbs up. This could be a great game and will be if the developers look into making a couple of small changes as an update.


Rating: out of 5

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