Organon is the next game that I am reviewing as a random choice,


To be honest, I haven’t really come across many games like Organon. When I started the first game, I was in what appeared very familiar surroundings, that I couldn’t place. It was only after a while of playing did I remember what it reminded me of – a holodeck on the starship Enterprise – seriously, the walls of the world look just like that in my opinion.

Anyways, Organon is something of an X shooter (where X is I don’t quite know what!), where you must navigate your craft around the world eliminating the “baddie” organisms (or red flashing cubes), whilst avoiding the “goodie” organisms (or non flashing cubes). That’s it really – not much to it.

Whilst it may sound fairly plain and boring, Organon actually turned out to be a bit better than my first impression of it and did keep me entertained for a bit. Like they say, “never judge a book by its cover”.

Rating: out of 5

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