Overscan Sniper HD Review

overscan sniper HD

This is one review that I was trying to fob off onto someone else, but alas I had to end up doing it myself. However, having said that I was pleasantly surprise when I loaded it up.

You are faced with a flat screen on a plain white wall, being viewed through a sniper scope, but a sniper scope with a difference – the reticles indicate the pixel values of your screen on the vertical and percentage values on the horizontal. According to Overscan Sniper HD, I have 97.5% of the video visible. Therefore only 2.5% overscan – not bad for a cheap TV!

In addition to this the app (which calls itself a game in the help), also provides you with colour, contrast and brightness calibration tools, which can be activated by changing the channel on the TV. However, nowhere does it say how to use these tools, so for those who are not as familiar as others may have a bit of an issue and find them rather pointless.

Having said all that, the presentation is excellent – it looks like a great deal of work has gone into the polish in this app. What little audio that there is isn’t too bad either.

Additionally the developer has included a somewhat pointless, but still cool none the less option of shooting the TV which obviously puts a hole in it and has a great smashing effect – there is a bit much glass involved, but it’s still a good and in my opinion realistic looking effect. However, I think it is shooting down and to the left :P

Even though the polish is great, the big downer on this app would be the price – at 240MSP ($3), it is a bit steep and I could easily recommend three $1 games that would give you a much better value for money deal. Sorry, but it’s true.

I rate this

Rating: out of 5

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