Paipa Review


In Paipa, you are an engineer working to release water pressure by connecting the pipes on the starliner HMS Victoria. Who cares that the year is 1866 and they haven’t invented space travel yet. It’s just a game. Sheesh. In this game, you must turn the pipes to match them across the screen in order to progress. The longer the pipe, the more points you get.

The graphics here are excellent for a simple game. The pipes move seamlessly when clicked to create one long one.

The sound is good as well. The sound of the steam and the water comes through nicely.

My only problem with this game is, for me, it’s old hat. I played this game on the old Apple IIe systems when I was a kid. It is still fun and can pose a significant challenge to those who like puzzle games however. Overall, I am going to recommend this one to everyone. It is a good game with a great price. 4 Thumbs up from me.


Rating: out of 5

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