Pellmell Review


Pellmell is a good little top-down scroller for those who are fond of shooting games. In the game, you are Pellmell and must run down the training corridors to earn points, awards and make it to the next level. The controls are relatively simple and you learn as you go. You start off only with the ability to jump, but as you progress through the levels you earn extra abilities to help you along. See how far you can go.

The graphics are very good for this game. You can make out your character and the enemies very easily. Missiles and airplanes are readily identifiable from each other. Really quite a nice game graphics wise.

Again the sound is excellent. Nice and crisp. The music is not so overly loud that it drowns out the sound effects which come through great. With the sound turned up on your system, you might almost think you were there.

My only problem with this game is a glitch which I’m sure the developers can fix easily. When you click on the Options menu and back out if it using the B button, the game ends with an error code 4. I have given the game a good run through and this was the only problem I found with it. With co-op of up to 4 players, this is a fun little game that will provide lots of enjoyment for those that purchase and download it. Get the game and have fun. I’m giving this one 5 thumbs up.


Rating: out of 5

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