Pew Pew Pod Review

Pew Pew Pod

Bad Egg Studios may have themselves a winner with this game. Pew Pew Pod is a great top-down space shooter. One of the best I’ve seen in a while. With a choice of 4 different weapons and up to 4 player multiplayer, this is one good game.

The object of the game is to just survive. There are 6 modes to play in. Arcade mode where you must survive for 3 minutes. Survival mode where you just have to survive as long as you are able to. Waypoint where you must collect as many waypoints as you can. Zones where you sit in each zone as it appears while trying not to get hit by the enemy. Think fast which is like a simon says type of game and finally, Versus which explains itself. Each coloured button or each trigger and button will control a different weapon. See if you can master them all.

The graphics on this game are simply superb. The backgrounds and ships are nicely done. You could almost lose yourself in the game. The sound here is just as good as the graphics. Nice music and even better explosions.

Overall, there is just nothing bad that I can say about this game. It does play a little like Geometry Wars but this is not a bad thing as the gameplay is unique enough to warrant giving it a try. Definitely an ownable for those that enjoy space shooter type games. I highly recommend this one to one and all. 5 thumbs up from me here.


Rating: out of 5

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