Pilot Test Review

pilot test

The developers of Pilot Test claim it to test “your perception, memory, reflex and challenge you and your skills to compete with real pilots.”** – I’ll tell you one thing it tested with me and that was my patience! Damn I found this game hard!

The premise is to keep your red square away from the green squares and rectangles for as long as possible. Your red square is in fact made up of what looks to be 16 smaller squares, which will get destroyed if hit by one of the green squares.

One thing I tried in when attempting to get to the top of the leaderboard was to hide out in one of the corners of the square play area and move up and down as need be to dodge the bouncing squares and rectangles, but alas, it is not so easy as your allowed play area is smaller than that of the enemy squares.

The presentation is excellent with the game played on what resembles a plane console, with the score and time survived displayed on needle dials and the actual game played on a green and black text monitor, complete with irritating scrolling horizontal line!

For the record, the longest I could last was 20 seconds! This was after quite some time playing and I found that I had to stop due to sheer frustration.

Even though I found the presentation to be pretty cool, I did find the game to be frustrating and for this reason I give it a

** After a bit of an investigation (asking my nephew who is a pilot), he says that this test is used by the RAF – guess I won’t be joining them anytime soon!

Rating: out of 5

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