Pinky vs Blocks Review

pinky vs blocks

Look out. It’s Tetris meets the Barba Poppas. Pinky vs Blocks is a new take on the old Tetris theme that actually works strangely enough. In the game, you play Pinky, a little blob who must escape his prison of blocks. In order to do this, he uses his ability to control the blocks (via you) to lay them in such a way as to escape easily to the next level. The controls are fairly straight forward for controlling both the blocks and Pinky.

The graphics are very good for this game. My only problem with the graphics themselves is that the developer tried to fit a little too much onto the screen in my opinion. It kind of cramps the game and makes the screen just a little too busy.

The sound is very reminiscent of Tetris music wise. The blocks sound like metal connecting with metal when they hit and Pinky’s movements are very clear as well. Overall, the music and sound is very good as well.

This game will provide you with lots of gameplay if you like Tetris. As I said earlier this is a new take on the game and if you aren’t quick enough or careful enough, you will kill your character and have to start the level all over again. Overall, I think that this is a great addition to the xblig community and should be tried by everyone. I am recommending this one to all.


Rating: out of 5

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