Plasma Spheres

Plasma Spheres is the next game that I am reviewing as a random choice,

Plasma Spheres

Plasma Spheres is a single and multiplayer game with Live capabilities. You play the part of a green sphere, yes a sphere! Your objective is to navigate through each level rescuing blue spheres with eyes (Pulselings) and leading them to the portal and safety. Once you have recued enough Pulselings, you too can exit the level via the portal. To assist you in your mission, you are able to shoot to either clear your path of obstructions or defend against the bad spheres! Other helpers include your thrusters which allow you to fly around the level (navigation can take some getting used to), but beware, use of your guns and thrusters generate heat which could lead to an overheat which will disable all movement and leave you vulnerable to enemies. In your bag of tricks, you also have a grapple or towrope sort of thing which enables you to tow the Pulselings to the exit, should the not be able to clear any obstructions on the way.

As well as the Live capabilities, the game also has two other game modes and these are Campaign and Battle. The campaign mode is well… campaign mode and the Battle mode allows local multiplayer including deathmatch and Pulseling Capture, which should both be self explanatory.

Sounds all a bit bland really, but I did find it to be jolly good fun and it certainly kept me entertained for a while.

Rating: out of 5

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