Powa Volley Review

Powa Volley

Honestly, I downloaded this game and my first thought was “why is it taking so long?” At 65 megs, this is one of the larger of the list of indie games and it shows it. I really didn’t want to stop playing to write this review.

This is pretty much a straight forward volleyball game. You play as one of eight characters, each with their own specific powerup. The object, of course, is obvious. Keep hitting the ball until the other person loses. Unfortunately, when playing against the computer this is not as easy as it seems. You always start out as the initial server. While playing, you have to also be aware of things happening in the background as they can impact the game as well.

The graphics are excellent and work well for this game. Each character has it’s own movements that you must get used to. You will obviously find your own favourite to play with. The movement of the characters is very straight-forward. Use the left stick to control movement back and forth. The A button to jump or shoot (depending on the character) and the B button to use the special ability. There are 4 different fields to play on as well.

There are several different modes of play including Story Mode, Tournament and Classic Play. In local play, there is an option for 1-4 players and (my personal favourite) an option for online play. Unfortunately, it looks like not too many people are taking advantage of this yet. All told, this is a very well-rounded game and a lot of thought and effort went into it.

At 400 MS Points, this is very well priced for an indie game and should be played by everyone. Truly a game that is difficult to put down.


Rating: out of 5

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